Bhavana – Chapter 13

‘Sir, I meant Tanvi is looking cute’, I lied. ‘How long you guys know each other?’, he asked. His voice was heavy like a gangster, he had three gold rings in both his hands, he had less hair on his head, a big moustache and he was dressed all in white: white shirt and white… Continue reading Bhavana – Chapter 13

Bhavana – Chapter 12

She was staring angrily at me. ‘Bhavana…’, I was about to explain. ‘Ssshhhh… no need to explain anything. It's ok’, she interrupted me. I came out so did Srushti. I introduced both of them to each other. ‘Bhavana meet Srushti, Srushti meet Bhavana’, they greeted each other with a fake smile. ‘Is that hickey on… Continue reading Bhavana – Chapter 12

Bhavana – Chapter 11

She unbuttoned my shirt. I started feeling shy, I knew I have a good physique; I have worked hard in the gym for it. Within no time, I was shirtless. She kissed and sucked my chest that it left marks on my chest, I had my first hickey on my chest. Soon it was everywhere… Continue reading Bhavana – Chapter 11

Bhavana – Chapter 10

       Why did she reject my proposal? What could be the reason, how could she directly say NO? Does she love Rohit Sabarwal? Rohit is a good friend of her, they both go to the library together but they share silence. Do I lack in something? Jitiksha told me that Bhavana loves me, she… Continue reading Bhavana – Chapter 10

Bhavana – Chapter 9

          SLAP! There was an echo in the parking lot. That idiot slapped me and I was on the ground, it was a tight slap. Before I could get up to fight with him, I heard there were two slap’s more, but it was Jitiksha who slapped him and within seconds… Continue reading Bhavana – Chapter 9

Bhavana – Chapter 8

                    I replied, “Jitiksha”. All my emotions were back which were hidden somewhere deep in my heart. I just kept looking her; she was sitting all alone and her eyes were on the phone. Her forever 21’s black one piece was breathed taking, the curve of… Continue reading Bhavana – Chapter 8

Bhavana – Chapter 7

          “I am Bhavana, sorry Aunty, Raghav told me you will come next week so I wasn’t expecting you, sorry”. Mother replied, “Yes, I was going to come next week but to surprise him I came early and I am the one who is surprised here”. Mother welcomed her and she sat on the sofa.… Continue reading Bhavana – Chapter 7

Bhavana – Chapter 6

                She entered the room, she screamed, “What the mess”. I told her that I clean my room every day and I actually do. I didn't find my room untidy but from her eyes it was garbage. I requested her, “Mummy, will you stop cleaning the house?” Like always she didn't listen and she continued with… Continue reading Bhavana – Chapter 6

Bhavana- Chapter 5

                She was crying because she had a bad dream but she didn’t tell me what it was? I couldn’t see her cry, watching her cry is the last thing I want in my life. She again hugged me tightly, we never touched each other before, but today she hugged me. Her cute little face… Continue reading Bhavana- Chapter 5

Bhavana – Chapter 4

          I step down from the bus, I don't know what it was, how it happened. Every time I touch my lips with tongue I could taste her strawberry flavored lipstick. The feeling of her lips touching mine, I remember that glimpse again and again in my mind. I could not… Continue reading Bhavana – Chapter 4